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Save the planet and earn more pocket money – win win!

As more plastic is being used in everyday life, plastic pollution in landfill and in our waters is reaching epidemic levels. Something has got to change to help save our environment. That’s why the way we recycle is becoming increasingly important.

At Seal Recycling we want to take a stand against plastic pollutants. We believe everyone can help and we’d like to work with the local community to help provide recycling solutions to help the environment.

We have set up our NEW recycling centre in the heart of Clitheroe so like-minded people who genuinely care about the environment, can bring their recyclable waste knowing it will be sorted and recycled properly.

 The pocket money scheme is a positive way to encourage the younger generation to think about where their recyclable waste goes and learn about how materials are recycled properly. Plus, earn some extra pocket money at the same time!

Where to bring your recyclables

  • Bring your clean recyclable materials down to Seal Recycling, 6 Albion Court, Waterloo Road, Clitheroe Road, Clitheroe, BB7 1NS.
  • We’ll weigh your material and add up your points
  • When you get to 100 points we’ll send you £10 pocket money

Benefits of the scheme

  • Understand which materials can be recycled
  • Learn how to prepare and sort different recyclable materials
  • Learn about the impact on the environment
  • Help make Ribble valley more sustainable
  • Earn up to £10 a week pocket money while doing so

What to bring:

  • Cardboard
  • Bottles
  • Plastic milk bottles
  • Metals
  • Clothing
  • Aluminium drinks cans
  • Plastic tubs
  • Paper
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Computers/laptops

Please check that we’re open before you set off, call us on 01200 422244

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